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Hide identity πŸ†”

This post is for private reasons and not for evil actπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
For those who wouldn't want his/her identity to be known by the receiver while calling,  can now always hide his/her call identity (unknown caller) making it private to a particular number assigned to. 

You are having issues with your partner and you cant just stay without  communicating with them,  you can simply hide your number identity to simply check on them giving the receiver no trace of your identity😊😊.

Or someone has been owing you money and don't want to pick up your call again,  you simply hide your identity and call to catch him. 
Remembered trying this to a debtor and he picked, when he heard my voice he kept the call On HoldπŸ˜‚.

Its not new, but new for some people. 
I know it is worth sharing πŸ˜†!!

Simply dial #31# at the beginning of the person number and call. 
Example: #31#08133333333 then call

Used my small deviceπŸ“± to call my Android using #31#
See sample

 Just so easy and simple.

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