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Tips On How To Save More Android Battery Life

You don't have to worry any more about things that drains your battery. What you should worry about is simply the solution to battery drainage.
LDPHtech is known for tricks,hacks, cheats and solutions to 99% Droid bugs.
So, today I come with another interesting topic which is more like a tricky solution that will help prolong and give your battery more healthy life.
This trick is 100% tested and confirmed by Legitdroid.
Do you have an Android device with 2sims enabled?
If yes, run a test by following steps below:
  • Charge device to 100% for double testing.
  • Simply disable either SIM 1 or SIM 2 and make use of the device.
Note: Take note of how long the battery lasted with just 1 SIM card activated.

When tested and recorded, try enabling both SIM 1 and SIM 2 and run a test.
When done you will observe that your battery lasts longer with just one Active SIM service than when having two Active SIM services at once.

To be sure of this trick, 
Ever wondered why battery lasts longer while on Airplane mode?
Simply because all network connections and services are turned off whenever Airplane mode is active.
The more your carrier network keeps searching for network or uses it's service, your battery drains.

Its best advised to activate Airplane mode while playing games or watching movies because it stops all active network services and keeps phone idle.

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  1. yea when on airplane mode I noticed that the battery last longer than while my Sims are activated... Thanks for the knowledge and the card

    1. Thank you for review.
      We are pleased our works are legit🙊🙊

  2. Its true
    Especially when using WiFi connection from another phone
    It takes long for it to go low

  3. even when charging your device put it for airplane and see wonder how it will fast in charging.

    1. Good one.. Thank you for the review and tips.. Droidbites

    2. Good one.. Thank you for the review and tips.. Droidbites


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