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How to fix App not installed error in Android

Not just only in gbwhatsapp but most app update installation comes up with installation error.
So here are some little tips to know about gbwhatsapp installation error and others.

Whenever you are installing a whatsapp mod, always check the initial mod you have if it is same version with the one you are trying to install, if yes you probably should get that error message.

Gbwhatsapp have different mods and also all whatsapp mods are not the same.
So you definitely have to always check the changelog of the one you are using and the one you wish to install.
Reason being that the algorithms used in developing this apps all came with the same codes but different structural development.
What you might be seeing in GBwhatsapp 6.85 is completely different from what u will see in the Gbwhatsapp 6.70.
So before installing delete the one you already have to avoid conflict in installation.

If you also check their storage or when downloading in the internet you will see some of the labelling with names

1. com.whatsapp
2. com.Gbwhatsapp
3. com.FMWhatsapp

This are not the only labelling, but anytime you see that, just know that you are downloading a different mod all together. Gbwhatsapp 6.70 can have those first two labelling.

The 'com.whatsapp' means you are downloading it as a base whatsapp, which means that if you want to update it, downloading playstore whatsapp can be updated with whatsapp but the only thing there is the modded whatsapp will lose its features to the playstore whatsapp.

Then the 'com.gbwhatsapp' means you are downloading it as a secondary whatsapp to ur phone... Therefore it will have no conflict with 'com.whatsapp' already installed.

I advice you to always check the changelog of the whatsapp you are using and the one you wish to install. Make sure you check if the former changelog is the same as the one you are using.
They show those changelog not for advertising their incredible brains of development but for you to know which one you are installing so you won't make mistake deleting the one you have thinking it will install.

The changelog is always posted along side with the app you want to install, so read carefully and don't think it is a normal download. you might end up losing everything.

Lastly, whenever you know u want to install another mod, after finding out that it is not the same as the one you have already, when you uninstall the initial one you have to reboot your phone in some cases, to avoid all traces of the initial build, when done you are free to install the new whatsapp!

For other applications giving same errors:

  1. Try rebooting your device
  2. Check the app installation version (installing a lower version while having a higher version installed already results to the error). You have to uninstall and install your choice. 
  3. Most applications are threat to your Android system, so you have to stay on installation screen to accept installation process when prompted as a threat.
  4. Installing 8.0 applications to a lower version of 4.0+ and 5.0 might slightly give same issues.
  5. Resting app settings
  6. Factory reset
This should work for any Android device.
Feel free to also add yours in comment box.
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